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About Us

How it Started

“MY FEET HURT!! 😫😫😫​”

How often do you hear this complaint from your girl friends after a night out?​

2 years ago, Candace was "that girl."​ Y'know, the one walking around barefoot carrying her shoes in hand. 😂😭​ After a long night of dancing through Old Town in heels 👠, her feet were sore and had blisters all over them.​

So as a Mechanical Engineer, she told everyone:​
“This needs to be fixed! I’m going to make heels that are actually comfortable!”​

No one believed her. 😥​ Everyone she spoke to told her that if it were possible, it would have been done already​. After all, heels have been around for centuries!​

Undeterred, Candace locked herself in her house for 18 months like a mad scientist, experimenting and prototyping.​ She took apart more than 20 pairs of heels from the thrift store, learning how they were constructed.

When she wasn’t prototyping, her time was spent in lounges & restaurants all over Scottsdale, observing women’s feet to draw inspiration from the most popular styles. ​

She created 67 versions on her 3D printer​. (That’s 66 failed attempts!)​
But with every “failure” she reminded herself that she had “successfully found a way that didn’t work” ​

After 18 months, she FINALLY succeeded. 🥳🥳🥳 She had created a high heel that had zero pain points​.

❌No forefoot pain​
❌No arch fatigue​
❌No toe straps digging into toes​
❌No wobbling steps​

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About Protégé 


A protégé is always curious, open-minded, and determined. We are life-long learners.

It's about breaking down walls and achieving what was thought to be impossible. It's a refusal to see the same boundaries and limitations others do.

It's being the best version of yourself.

Created for go-getters, dreamers, and ambitious women driven by a sense of purpose, these stilettos are designed to elevate your journey every step of the way.


Designer Candace Chen made it her mission to disrupt the ($37.8 billion) heels industry.


They have never cared about your pain.

Exterior beauty isn’t enough. We need to look good AND feel good.

Beautiful shoes are useless when they hurt so bad we can’t walk confidently in them. 


Our Tech 


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